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Daily Devotional – June 2


One nation…

Recently I posed a scenario to a friend where Red China launches a land invasion of the United States (they have entertained it for years) and takes control.  

Surely an ethnic cleansing would take place as it did under Mao Zedong where millions of Chinese lost their lives, many of them Christians.  At gunpoint the question of "Christian?" was asked with an immediate execution following the affirmative.

Hebrews 13:6 So that we may boldly say, The Lord [is] my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.

Would like your thoughts–if that were to happen in America today, would there be many deaths?  Not only think about how many Christians there may be in the United States, but how many would actually die for such cause.

I wonder…


June 2, 2006 - Posted by | Daily Devotional


  1. How many? Who knows. But the Christians most likely to do so are the ones furthest from center. On one hand we have those who proof-text the Bible to a fault. They will find a verse they can take literally and step forth. THey may be elderly. On the other hand are the mystics who can see Jesus welcoming them as their heart is pierced or their brains are scattered. These people are misunderstood by others, and, thus, cling to Jesus. Sometimes they are nuns. Most of us Christians fall between these extremes. And we have to ask ourselves some hard questions. Like is this the best way to serve Jesus? Is this lie all that bad?
    And who will build the church when the others are gone?

    Comment by Helen Losse | June 2, 2006 | Reply

  2. I would hope there would be many, but it’s hard to say. Idealistically, it’s easy to say “yes, I’d be willing to admit I was a Christian, even if it meant I would be executed”, but if it were a reality, would we still have the courage to say yes? For now, I want to live my life in such a way that says “Yes, I am a Christian.” Presently, that’s what I’m called to do.

    Comment by Carol | June 2, 2006 | Reply

  3. Unfortunately, while we bemoan religious discrimination in USA, I don’t think we even begin to fathom what true persecution is. To take a stand in some other countries for Christ means to lose so much more. OF course, then I am struck by the missionary Jim Elliott’s quote (who perished trying to evangelize in Ecaudor – i think), “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain which he cannot lose.” Now that is a quote to really chew on.
    Thanks for some more great spiritual food today, brother!


    Comment by Ellen | June 2, 2006 | Reply

  4. Carol & Helen, I forgot who it was that said it, but the question went along the line of: “Why do you say you are willing to die for Christ when you are unwilling to live for him”. I think that there is truth in what Helen says, that those who are dedicated to living for him are those who would likely die for him.

    Ellen, like you point out we have little frame of reference here in the United States. My father’s first congregation was slaughtered with bows and arrows and stone knives and axes. On a Sunday morning Padua stood up to lead singing and a spear pushed his entrails out through his stomach. The rest of them fell before they could even flee. All 30 converts died.

    You are quite right. We are rather spoiled in these United States where we take so much for granted. But when/if our time comes, will we have what these people had?

    It makes me question my own level of commitment…


    Comment by bereans | June 2, 2006 | Reply

  5. We are spoiled here. My wife’s niece, husband and children are on mission in Joss, Nigeria. They will be there another three years for a total of five. I shake my head because I think they are nuts. In my heart I am ashamed because they have been willing to give up everything for what God has called them to do. If God called me to do that could I? If my life was at stake would I defend Christ and be killed like Stephen? or would I deny him as Peter did? None of us know how we would act. I pray that none of us ever do. Millions have died bringing the gospel to the world so we could go to church on Sunday and give our hour and grumble when the preacher runs long. (Gotta beat the lunch crowd to Chili’s.)However, a lot of those grumblers give a lot of money to mission work, charity, and churches. A lot of those grumblers have helped pay for many a steeple, multipurpose buildings, and Tsunami relief. God does indeed work in mysterious ways.


    Comment by Larry | June 4, 2006 | Reply

  6. Larry,

    I do like that you point out that many an American Christian has given sacrificially to the furtherance of the gospel overseas. Much of the world has been evangelized due to the love of Americans for the Lord.

    Good to hear from you and hope you are convelescing well!


    Comment by bereans | June 4, 2006 | Reply

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