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Daily Devotional – June 19



The reason many do not comprehend salvation is that they fail to understand what a gift is. In order for something to be a gift it must meet these criteria:

FREE: The concept of “free” is viewed with skepticism in today’s society. Nothing is free anymore, is it? Often when something is given to us unconditionally we view it with suspicion or question the motive of the giver.

Saying “FREE GIFT” is redundant because something MUST be free in order to be a gift. However, it was so important that the unconditional nature of salvation be communicated that God calls it a “FREE gift” in three verses:

Romans 5:15,16 & 18.

  • Free means that one does not have to work or do anything else in order to receive the gift—otherwise it would be a wage. It just has to be accepted.
  • Free means that one does not have to work or do anything to keep the gift—otherwise it would be a wage. This gift was already paid for by Jesus Christ’s death on the cross, and nothing else is owed on it.

WITHOUT PERSONAL MOTIVE: If there is personal motive involved by the Giver of the gift, then the gift is once again a wage. This is because the giver has expectations or criteria attached to the receipt of the gift. An employer will usually expect services from an employee for which they will compensate them at a later date. There is no difference if they pay someone ahead of time (before they complete the work)—this would always be defined as a wage.

“Agape” is the word that is used by the Greek’s to define the type of love that God is capable of giving. It’s characteristic is that it places value on the object of affection– not because the object is valuable in and of itself. This is the only “motive” defined in our salvation: John 3:16 For God so loved the world…; and the only possible motive one can have in giving a true gift. Those who know how to give a true gift, give it without thought of self, and strictly because of the gift’s benefits to the receiver. 

Truly a gift only God could give.


June 19, 2006 - Posted by | Daily Devotional

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