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Daily Devotional – September 6


  • Do you find yourself thinking about Jesus only on Sundays?
  • Do you think of God as some far off being, or even doubt his existance at times?
  • Do you try to do good things, but never seem to succeed?
  • Do you only call for God’s help when you hit rock-bottom?
  • Do you try to make God fit your ideas of what He should be like?
  • Do you feel “down” more than “up”? 
  • Do you think something is missing in your spiritual life?

Today The Berean would like to devote of of its time to our readers to share if and why any of you experience any of the above. 


September 6, 2006 - Posted by | Daily Devotional


  1. One thing I have recently tried to do is wake up every morning, thank God for the day I am about to take on and tell myself that it will be a great day and I will accomplish great things. I sure have doubted God’s existence at times and only gone to Him when I was at rock bottom. This is something I strive to change and I have been working at it. I have an image of God as being everything around me- everything you see in nature- that’s God. God, to me, is synonymous with existence itself.

    And Ill tell you, I havent felt great recently and Ive been trying to overcome, one day at a time, and I know I will. I dont know if anything is missing in my spiritual life, but I know I dont have it all there- Ive got a long way to go. But I am optimistic and my relationship with God is something I am committed to and working on.

    Comment by chickenhawk | September 7, 2006 | Reply

  2. I think about Jesus every day, and I think God is everywhere–far, far away and so close I can feel the Spirit’s breath. I try to do good things but wonder sometimes if I want to do them for the right reason: Do I want to impress God, or do I do them as an extention of my union with God? (The difference is huge: God is not impressed with my actions but with my yieldedness to His Spirit). I can’t fool the God Who made me and knows my heart. I call on God in times of weakness; which is to say, all the time. I am a spiritual dwarf in the shadow of the Holy One. Only liars say they do not try to fit God to their own image of Him. I try not to lie. I am “up” more than “down”: God lifts me up. During the times when “something is missing in my spiritual life,” I know enough to know that something is me. “Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow.” I’m the one who walks out on God; God never leaves me.

    Comment by helenl | September 7, 2006 | Reply

  3. I think that sometimes our choices can cause us to feel disconnected from God. Choices meaning reading your Bible, attending Church, praying, etc. Life can consume us, and we get so busy with different activties that we loose track of what is important, and what we need to be doing. If we don’t make the choice to stay active I believe that Satan will use our choices and the feelings of guilt to drive us further from Christ.

    Comment by Les | September 7, 2006 | Reply

  4. Hi All!

    I was intending on just letting everyone just share what they willed without commenting, but thought that I’d add my two cents.


    Gratitude is something missing from society and it changes perspective. Remember the quote “I once felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes till I met a man who had no legs”? When caught up in my circumstances I have always found that thanking God for the many blessings I have renews me.


    I think you illustrate how needful it is for one to yield themselves to Him. I think that this is often easier for women than men–we men are such control freaks. Resting in Him is as important as learning (you know how I push the “knowledge” issue!). Brings to mind Phil 4:6-8.


    You bring up two good points–the first that our wrong choice make us feel guilty and make us reluctant to “hang out” with God. The other that the less we “hang out” with God the more distant we feel from Him.

    Thanks so much for weighing in and sharing all!


    Comment by bereans | September 7, 2006 | Reply

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