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Daily Devotional – July 24


 Time to Grow Up

Part 1

The year is 88 A.D and thirteen of us meet tonight, with a guard posted at the door. We are gathered in a back room with only two candles and no heat. I’m freezing. After the opening prayer, I pause for reflection.

Three of us are Jews; two are Greeks, the rest Romans. Some are citizens; four are slaves.

We are all Christians, disciples of Jesus, some call “the Christ.” We were labeled “Christians” by others. We are not sure if it is a derogatory term or not, but the name seems to fit.

We think he was born about 88 years ago–that’s why we call this the 88th year of our Lord. We believe he was crucified by the Romans in 33, but we’re not sure. All we have are some partial accounts of his life and teachings, plus a few copies of copies of letters from Paul and one from Peter. The Lord’s first disciples are almost all gone now. There are rumors that John is alive, but he is not here and we don’t know where he is. Peter and Paul and many others were killed in 64, when Rome burned.

Nero blamed it on us.

The Jews rebelled against Rome in 67. When the Christians in Jerusalem saw the city surrounded by armies, they remembered what Jesus taught and fled across Jordan to Pella, in the desert. The Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70, and by the time the fortress at Masada fell in 73, they had crushed the entire Jewish nation. Now they are after us, too. The three generals who decimated the Jews each became Emperor, one after the other–Vespasian and his two sons, Titus and Domitian. Now, we must hide because Domitian is trying to restore the Roman religion. He executes both Christians and Jews.

But tonight we are all here, together.

Why have we come? Why do we slip out at night, away from our masters; hiding from the Romans, to meet in caves and catacombs and darkened rooms? What do we expect to happen that is so different, so attractive, so important, that we risk our lives to be here?

1John 3:18 My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.


July 24, 2007 - Posted by | Time to Grow Up


  1. Peace
    Do you prefer darkness to light?
    A miracle?

    Comment by Voice of Reason | July 24, 2007 | Reply

  2. I’m listening. . . .

    Comment by helenl | July 24, 2007 | Reply

  3. Stay tuned!


    Comment by bereans | July 25, 2007 | Reply

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